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About Me

Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
Many may not remember (or have never heard of) the Digital Blue Camera. That's what started it all. From "risking" my life laying under bike jumps, to creating Saturday Night Live skits, it was me using my camera to do whatever it takes to capture the memory. 
I've struggled thinking I needed to conform to the common trends with videos, but have realized that the beauty of videography and photography is it's through your lens, no one else's. When you try to fit bits and pieces of a certain style into your creation, it creates a piece that not only doesn't flow, but isn't from you. 
Video and photography has always been what I love. With that,  I'm proud to enjoy something that doesn't discourage creative freedom, but encourages it.When you enjoy what you do, the final product is something you yourself can be proud of and everyone around you will enjoy. 
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